Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Chapter 1: History and Mission Statement

Forever21 store was founded in Los Angeles, California on April 21, in 1984 by a South Korean Do Won Chang and his wife Jin Sook Chang. The chain, originally known as Fashion 21. It was intended at first mostly for middle-aged women. The store became well known and got so much business that they had enough money to open a new store every six months. That’s when they changed the name from Fashion21 to Forever21. By 1997, there were 40 Forever21 stores.Today Forever21 has many different brands within the company, brands like Forever 21, Forever XXI, For Love 21 and Gadzooks. They sell children's, girls, women, men and extended sizes clothing, shoes , accessories, and intimates. It is a great less expensive and fashion forward store.

The company's mission is to provide shoppers with an unprecedented selection of today's fashions with affordable prices. They are known as "always changing and always in style"


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  2. I would like to know where you found the company mission?